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Explanatory Notes and Help about

Managing Your Newsletter Subscriptions

We're the first to admit that our new very flexible multiple newsletter option feature is a bit difficult to understand and use.  If you think it is difficult on your side of the screen, please spare a thought for the struggles on our side of the screen!

Here is a step by step guide for what to do if you want to change something with your newsletter subscription(s).

None of this should be too challenging if you carefully work through it, step by step.  Thank you for your patience.

Step One - Go to the Feedblitz Newsletter Management Page

Every newsletter that you receive through the Feedblitz service we are using has links at the very bottom that can allow you to quickly unsubscribe from the newsletter list, to change your subscription details, or - if you were sent the newsletter by someone else and aren't a current subscriber, to subscribe to the newsletter.

If you want to make changes, choose the option 'change your subscription' - see this screen shot that highlights that part :



Click this link that I've highlighted in yellow in the screenshot above, and that will probably take you to this next page below (unless Feedlitz remembers you from having visited before - if so, move on down to step four).  You'll need to log on - so move on to step two for information on how to do this.



Step Two - Getting a Feedblitz Password

Oh no, not another pesky password to remember.  Truly, a hassle - but there's an easy solution to this.  You don't need to remember your password, you can simply ask Feedblitz to send it to you any time you need it.  :)

Of course, you could also save the email Feedblitz sends you each time you ask for your password.

If you don't know your password, or if this is your first visit to Feedblitz and don't yet have one, click the link highlighted in the screen shot above that says 'Lost or forgotten your password'.

This will take you to this next screen (see below).  Very important - enter the email address that the newsletter is sent to you at, and then click on the Fetch Password button.

Your password will very quickly be sent to the email address you provided.



Step Three - Check Your Email and Get Your Password

Check your email and you'll very quickly find an email that shows you your password and gives you a link to return back to the Feedblitz website.

The password is something terrible like the sample one I show on the screen shot below.  Perhaps cut and paste it from the email and into the web page you will now go to.



Step Four - At last, Logging in to Feedblitz

Next, I suggest you go back to the email and click the Change Your Subscription link again, as in step one.  This time, at step two, you will know your password, so fill it in and click the login button.

This will take you to a screen like the one below.



You now want to click on button at the top alongside the choice 'All available'.  That will take you to the screen you see in the next step.  You're almost done.


Step Five - Choosing the Newsletter Subscriptions You Want

You will now go to the next screen that should look like what you see below.  Choose the different newsletters you wish to receive by clicking on the boxes to cause a check-mark to appear, and unchoose the newsletters you don't want by clicking on the already checked boxes to uncheck them.

When you have finished, click on the 'Update Subscriptions' button at the bottom.

And that's all you need to do.  You can now close the web page.  Congratulations!





You may freely reproduce or distribute articles on our website and blog for noncommercial purposes as long as you give credit to me as original writer.



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